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A few weeks ago, I attended a party in Zurich with my friend Jeannette, my very first singles’ party in fact… (no comment!), which is how I eventually came to play Cashflow 101 for the first time. 

In attendance were many fine women and men in their thirties, including Zurich-based strength coach Bianca Kux.

** This article includes a list of Cashflow 101 clubs in Europe. Click here to access it ***

Bianca explained that she organizes Cashflow 101 games on a monthly basis. When I heard that the game is helping to get into the right investing mindset, I knew I absolutely had to try!

And so I attended my very first Cashflow 101 game last week at Bianca’s apartment in Zurich.

It was a great experience on many levels, one that made me decide to write this post and actually send it out… even though my website is not quite ready yet.


investing mindset
Play Cashflow 101 and get into the right investing mindset


Play Cashflow 101: The Rules of the Game

The rules of the game are quite easy to grasp, though playing for the first time in German was quite a challenge!

Simply put, Cashflow 101 is a board game in which you are given a specific job and financial situation, with revenues and expenses, just like in real life.

The key to winning the game is to accumulate enough passive income, i.e., investments that generate interest payments and dividends, so that a player can cover all her expenses with that passive income and go on to enjoy her life.

By rolling the dice, you advance through your given ‘life’ and experience unexpected expenses, job loss, welcoming babies. And you also come across various investment opportunities.

And just like in real life, your financial situation results from your background, your own decisions and a series of lucky or unlucky events.


Cashflow 101


An evening in great company

What I also very much enjoyed was a chance to spend the evening with a dozen of highly educated and engaged women, many of which entrepreneurs.

All of them had a keen interest in learning how to manage their money better and start investing for the long run, although many didn’t really know how to get started.


Key lessons for the right investing mindset

While I enjoyed the game during that evening, it is only the next morning on my way to work that I started reflecting on it.

I have long been a fan of investments that generate dividends. But now I feel even more strongly that the key to achieving financial independence and security is to have sufficient passive income (i.e., dividends or interest payments) to support yourself and your loved ones.

At the very least, we need to grow our money so as to maintain our living standards after retirement. With ageing populations across the Western world, who knows how much, if anything, will be left for us in the public pension system.

But another critical lesson from the game is that unexpected challenges can strike you at a moment’s notice and radically put your financial situation upside down, possibly getting you into debt.

Such a stressful situation can arise even if you enjoy a high salary and share your life with a partner with an even higher income.

And I would know something about this… but let’s not get into that now.

The point is that you should get prepared for the worse, even when everything seems fine.

I also got to reflect on other aspects of the game which I really liked, including how to actively seek investments and being able to differentiate between good investments and bad ones. What to look for in an investment, how to assess potential growth and income as well as investment risk.


Play Cashflow 101 to get started with investing

To be fair, playing Cashflow 101 once or twice will not transform you into the next Geraldine Weiss, one of the world’s most successful women investors. But it is a sure way to get started with the right investing mindset. All of this while having fun in great company.

And I plan to give you even more of a head start with investing with this website. I envision it as an online educational platform to inspire and train women to invest.

But for now, I definitely need to play Cashflow 101 again! I am quite driven and like to win. Actually, in my youth I was the world’s worst loser, to the extent that my then boyfriend and his friends would refuse to play board games with me.

Luckily, I got better at managing my temper.

And I love the chance to spend an evening with such highly educated, successful and engaged individuals. Women with a strong willingness to take charge of their finances, start investing, and build the financial freedom they deserve.

So see you soon to play Cashflow 101 at Bianca’s!

P.S. Bianca Kux also organises Cashflow 101 days in or around Zurich. You can sign up for the next one here.


Play Cashflow 101



Now it’s your turn to go play cashflow and get into the right mindset! There are many of cashflow clubs around Europe.

To help get you there, I created a list of them. Check which one is close to you, sign up and go! You can download this list using the button below

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  1. Aysha, thanks for the inspirational blogs! I really enjoyed the Cashflow game, looking forward to play it again 😉

    1. Hi Sofija, was great to have you to play Cashflow. You are welcome anytime 😉 Aysha

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